1st Weekend Box Office Collection of Batman Vs. Superman | 3 Day BO Collection Worldwide

As per the estimation, Batman Vs. Superman : Dawn of Justice is going to do huge business in the box office on its first Sunday. People are loving the Superhero movie. People are going crazy day-by-day. Though there were mostly negative reviews given by Critics, still it can not be able to affect the collection of Batman Vs. Superman. Even the collection is increasing day-by-day.

1st Weekend Collection of Batman Vs. Superman : Dawn of Justice

There was an estimation that the movie should gross between $300–340 million in over 35,000 screens in its opening weekend. Taking into consideration the total production cost of $250 Million and a marketing budget of over $150 million, total $400 Million, the movie should collect at least $800 Million in its total theatrical run to recoup its investment and need to launch a series of future films. That is why, one trade analysts have stated in a magazine that “anything under $1 billion in worldwide box office will be a disappointment.”

Total Opening Weekend Box Office Collection of Batman Vs. Superman

Loving by people, the Batman Vs. Superman : Dawn of Justice has grossed $82 million in North America and $115.3 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $197.3 million on 25th March 2016.  As per sources, the movie had an advanced booking around $20–25 million in North America. In North America, Dawn of Justice made $27.7 million in Thursday previews from around 3,800 theaters.

Total 3 Day Collection of Dawn of Justice

Firstly, Dawn of Justice opened on Wednesday, March 23, 2016, in 10 countries. It earned a total of $7 million. Then, It was released in another 38 countries on March 24, 2016. Where the movie had earned a whopping amount of  $33.1 million on 19,700 screens. Thus, it collected a total of $44 million from 45 countries in just two days. On Friday, March 25, when it was finally released last 17 countries, the screen counts increases to more than 35000+. Thus, it manages to earn a three-day total of $115.3 million from 62 countries creating a record-breaking trend.

The Country wise breakdown of First Day Collection of Batman Vs. Superman is as below –

  • UK and Ireland – $9 Million
  • Australia – $2.5 Million
  • India – $2.54 Million
  • Russia – $1.9 Million
  • South Korea – $1.7 Million
  • Japan – $1.2 Million
  • the United Arab Emirates – $1.1 Million
  • Hong Kong – $1.1 Million
  • China – $21.22 Million

Total 1st Weekend Collection of Batman vs. Superman : Dawn of Justice

As per sources, The Zack Snyder Directed Batman vs. Superman has collected $170 Million in Domestic Market. With only rating of 29% in Rotten Tomatoes, Batman vs Superman has proved that critics rating does not matter to audience. They will go to watch a superhero movie and if it is a movie from a popular series like Batman series and Superman series, they are never going to miss it. Batman vs. Superman has become the first movie to collect more than $100 Million in the box office with very lower number of rating in Rotten Tomatoes. Batman vs Superman was released in 32,000 theaters across 62 countries and from foreign market, it has collected huge $254 Million in the opening weekend. The movie giving has achieved the title of fifth largest international opening weekend of all-time. With this, the total collection of the movie now stands in $424 Million worldwide.

Total 3 Days Box Office Collection of Batman vs. Superman Worldwide

Though the movie is expected have huge collection in coming days. But seeing the trend from recent movies like Avengers : Age of Ultron and Man of Steel, which were opened with big numbers, but both movie saw 59.4% and 64.6%  drops respectively in the second weekend. So, it will be quite interesting to see whether Batman vs. Superman will be able to break the trend or not.

More Box Office collection reports are coming soon. Stay tuned with us.

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