A few months ago, a photo of a starving little boy drinking water from a lady, went viral on the internet.


Hope The 2 Years Old Starving Little Boy

This 2 years old was left naked, riddled with worms and was close to death due to starvation and thirst. Many people were shocked to see the image, thinking how someone could leave a little boy in such a situation?

The reality was that he was abandoned as the community, he lived in, believed that he was practicing witchcraft.

When Anja Ringgren Loven (the Lady), who is the co-founder of African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation based in Uyo, Nigeria, saw the little boy on January 31st, this year, she became surprised. When she asked everyone why no one was feeding the child, the locals responded, “no mother, no father.” As per the locals, he had been wandering the streets for 8 months.

Here is the story of Hope and How he was rescued –



As seen in the video, Anja Ringgren Loven gave the little boy some water (As seen in the picture), tried to feed him some crackers.

She then wrapped him in a blanket

Hope The 2 Years Old Starving Little Boy

Took him to a hospital for proper medical care

Hope The 2 Years Old Starving Little Boy


She gave him a name “Hope” and started caring for him like he was her own child.

And see how Hope looks now –


He looks cute in that pose

Hope The 2 Years Old Starving Little Boy

Humanity does exist. Salute to her.

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