She Was Abandoned by Her Own Mother, Sarah Rescued Her. After 2 Years, Look How Happy She Is!

In Haiti, the children with disabilities are often attributed as being cursed. The same thing happened to this beautiful kid also. She is Nika.

While in her grad school, Sarah Conque discovered her passion for advocating for children living with disabilities. In 2013, she moved to Haiti, one week after completing her Masters degree at Ole Miss. She began to work as a missionary at Danita’s Children Medical Center there.

In January 2014, while she was in the medical center, a young lady of Haiti came to her. She was holding a 3 months old baby girl. The baby girl was suffering from  hydrocephalus – a condition where there is a buildup of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain.

The lady lied to her that she is the girl’s aunt. Her sister had died leaving the child in her arms. But, Sarah didn’t believe her. The most important thing at that moment was that the baby girl. Nika was in immediate need of treatment.

Sarah convinced the lady for the baby girl’s treatment. She then connected her to a hospital which was the only hospital in Haiti specifically for children with hydrocephalus. In March 2014, when Nika was five months old, Nika had her first neurosurgery. But sadly the young lady abandoned Nika at the hospital. But Sarah didn’t stop there, she called the lady several times. Thankfully, after a couple of days, she finally returned.

The condition of Nika became worse day by day. She was really the victim of negligence by her own mother. On 26 August 2014, when Sarah suddenly gave a visit to  Nika’s house. She was horrified to find Nika completely alone, lying on a rice sack and surrounded by garbage. She was also circled by dogs. Nika was just eleven months old at that time and weighed only six pounds, most of which was fluid build up.

Sarah took a decision to bring Nika with her. She convinced her mother and started taking care of her in the orphanage family. But soon she realized that Nika’s condition was more critical than what she thought to be. The doctors said that she was dying inside as all of her organs were falling. Only a miracle could save her.

And really the miracle happened. Her organs started to work again and her health somehow improved. In February 2015, after six months of being her 24/7 caretaker, Sarah officially became Nika’s legal guardian in Haiti. Sarah’s partner, Stephen is also with Sarah and Nika at every moment, supporting both at every step. Nika is now in safe hands, enjoying her life.

Want to see how she is doing now? Here are some of her pics –

Nika’s reality used to be that she wasn’t valued like the princess she is nor was she treated with the respect she deserved. But tonight, we witnessed a true representation of the new reality God has designed for her…. She got the chance to dress like a princess, she was treated like a princess, and valued like precious royalty! We were absolutely blown away by the kindness of everyone that attended the @ashleysievertbeauty Gives Back event tonight. We were in awe of how perfect every detail was. Our deepest gratitude goes out to @ashleysievert, her sweet family and team, for choosing to believe in Nika’s future, and for allowing others the opportunity to show that all human life matters, is worthy of being loved extravagantly, and fought for with passion! We had such an amazing time! #littlewarriornika #ashleysievertbeauty #soveryable #somuchpotential #nevergiveup

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We are honored to be a part of @splendidla’s #SpreadSoftness initiative. Our beautiful friend, @hauteofftherack shared a little about how Nika has spread softness to others in her blog today (check it out by clicking the link in her profile). ———————————————————- One of my favorite things about Nika’s journey has been watching the hardest of hearts turn SOFT for her. Doctors, government officials, and more who initially said no, then changed their minds to advocate on her behalf. With just one look into her eyes you can’t help but smile and turn to complete mush. She has that superpower for sure 🙂 ——————————————————————————— We all have the opportunity every day to spread a little softness by showing love in our words and interactions. To me, the perfect word that sums up spreading softness, is simple…. grace. Something I know I need to show others, because of the incredible grace I’m shown by my Heavenly Father each and every day. ———————————————————- This was so fun and we are thankful for the softness that continues to be spread to us everyday by encouraging words and peoples’ soft hearts valuing Nika’s life. (P.s. These @splendidla shirts that Nika and I are wearing really are the softest shirts ever ?) #littlewarriornika #hydranencephaly #nevergiveup #somuchpotential #soveryable #hydrowarrior ?: @stephenbyrneart

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She looks to happy. We also wish that her smile remains like this forever. And Sarah is a real life hero.She really deserves all our respect and a big salute.

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