These Amazing Photographs Taken By A Pilot From His Cockpit Will Surely Take Your Breath Away

Meet Santiago Borja Lopez. He is a Quito, Ecuador-based pilot of Boeing 767 who works for Ecuador Airlines and also a photographer from heart. As a pilot every week he flies at sky-high altitudes. It gives him the chance to see and enjoy a bunch of beautiful sights from above the sky. Others can’t even imagine to get to see those sights, what he gets to see often. Whenever he gets off time during his duty, he pulls of his camera to capture those magnificent views which he get to see in the air. From incredible storms to even lightning bolts – the photographs captured by him are truly breathtaking.

And this is how it looks when there are no #storms around #uio #ecuador

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Flight Level..? #tropopause #rvsm

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CB anyone?

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#Cumulonimbus Another shot over the Ecuadorean Amazonia, this time returning home after a long 12 hour flight

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He shares his images via his popular Instagram account, Twitter and Facebook account. Also he share his images on his website –

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