This sad ending of friendship between a duck & a monkey will surely melt your heart

You have heard many stories of friendship. Some are inspirational one, some are funny, some are emotional and some have sad endings. Today we are going to tell you about a story of friendship between a Duck and a monkey.


Duck and Monkey Friendship


They both were good friends since they were born. They stuck together, they played together, they ate and slept together. But sadly, they both are not alive today. They both have died together too.

According to a Facebook post from MY Youth Animal Rights and Welfare, when the monkey was playing around, suddenly it came into contact with a live wire that was carelessly left on the ground. The monkey touched it and was electrocuted. He screamed in pain and was not able to let go of the wire. His friend, the duck could not bear to watch its best friend in pain. The duck went to help its friend and tried to get the wire off from the monkey. But sadly, the duck was not aware of the danger that was laid ahead. The duck too got electrocuted. Sadly, both of them died.


Duck and Monkey Friendship

The loving and grieved owner could not control his tears and broke down with the dual loss of pets, when he saw their bodies.


Duck and Monkey Friendship

Some people feel that the story is a fake one. They are saying that the pic of the alive duck and the pic of the dead duck are not the same. The dead one is a goose. Whatever the truth behind the story might be, but the friendship between the monkey and the duck shows that animals are sometimes far better than human beings. Also the man crying for these 2 poor unlucky creatures show that not all humans are truly heartless.

Resources: MY Youth Animal Rights and Welfare Facebook Page

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