Looks like a house soon to be drowned in the water in this picture? What if I tell you that this house is on an island?

Yes, You have heard it right.

Just Room Enough Island

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Just Room Enough Island

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Named as Just Room Enough – this tiny island is among the 1,864 islands that constitute the chain of the Thousand Islands in the Canada-U.S. border in Saint Lawrence River. It is the closest island to the famous Boldt Castle.

There are certain requirements be called as an island in this region. A land should be larger than one square foot, it should be above the water level for the whole year, and also there should be at least one tree. To be surprised enough, Just Room Enough Island meet all these standards.

The story behind the Just Room Enough Island is also interesting one!

When you are planning to create a holiday getaway far from the hustle and bustle of urban life, you must be thinking to create it on an island, right? Might be, the same was planned by the Sizeland family.

They purchased the island in 1950. They built a house on the tiny speck of land exactly the size of the island, placed a pair of bench chairs in front of the home. They also planted a tree on one side. Thus, they named it as “Just Room Enough” Island.

A Pic from the Early Days of Just Room Enough –


Image Source : Life 5 Jul 1954

But, the Sizeland family’s plan didn’t work. Soon the island started attracting the curious tourist. It also started to get media attention.

Soon, it was declared as a popular tourist attraction in that region.

Location : Wellesley Island, New York, 13640, United States

(Via : Atlus Obscura)

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